Conferences & Presentations

2013 International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics. 46. 

        Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. August (2 papers


2013 International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 12. University of Alberta,

        Edmonton, Alberta. June(paper presented)

2011 International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 11. Xi'an, China

        (paper presented)

2009 American Association for Corpus Linguistics. University of Alberta

2007 International "Particle Pow wow" conference. Payap University

2004 2nd International Asian Lexicography Conference. Payap University

        (paper presented)

2003 Asia Area Consultant Conference. Bangkok, Thailand

        (paper presented)                                                                     

2003 36th Sino-Tibetan Conference. Latrobe University, Melbourne

        (paper presented)

2000 Linguistics Consultant Conference. Dallas, Texas

        (paper presented)

2000 Canada Institute of Linguisitcs ConferenceTrinity Western University.

        (paper presented)     

1999 6th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference. University of Stockholm 

        (paper presented)            

1999  Seminar in Cognitive Grammar with Ronald Langacker, UC-San Diego. 

         Payap University  

         (conference organizer)           

1998  Cognitive Linguistics Conference. Thammasat University

1996  First Annual Students Linguistics Conference. University of Texas, Arlington

         (paper presented)