Papers and Publications

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2013. Reference-point constructions in Tai Khamti using the proximal deictic mai2. Paper

     presented at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 12. University of


2011. From deictic to object marking in Tai Khamti: A Cognitive Grammar account. Paper

     presented at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 11. Xi’an, China. 14


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     University. 155 pages. [Douglas Inglis wrote the paper and formatted the data;

     Other authors compiled the lexemes]

2003. Inglis, Douglas and Connie Inglis. A preliminary phonology of NgoChang.

     Paper presented at the 36th international conference on Sino-Tibetan languages

     and linguistics. Melbourne: LaTrobe University. 37 pages. [Douglas Inglis wrote

     the paper and analyzed the phonology; Connie Inglis analyzed the phonetics]



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